creativity and altered states of consciousness

What do ancient cave paintings, Sir Isaac Newton, Aldous Huxley, UFOs, The Beatles, the Internet, shamanism,  Faeries, classical mythology, Picasso, Santa Claus and Louis Armstrong have in common? They all represent the intersections of creativity and altered states of consciousness.  This site provides a platform for resources and discussion that include these examples and many more from literature, movies, music, fine art, architecture, megaliths, ley lines, astronomy, cartoons, folklore, and paranormal phenomena.

Bring an open mind and an active imagination.



2 thoughts on “caasoc

  1. Consciousness at the bare-bone level is being able to perceive whats around you in a tangible way – being actively aware of what your environment consists of. This indicates having your senses about you and being an “animated” as opposed to inanimate objects like rocks which are clearly not alive/aware. It is interesting to ponder whether an organism like a fungus or an oak tree could be considered conscious because it seems from a human perspective that they are not self aware and only exist to provide for others/to procreate and go through unconscious cycles that is considered living. It is very interesting to me to think about consciousness during a dream/hypnogogic state, because there have been dreams where I feel as if I could snap out of it but I enjoy being in the dream world and continue the dream, having the self-awareness in the back of my mind that there is no way it could be reality and that I’m really just dreaming. This could be considered lucid dreaming to an extent. At this point I’m rambling but I thought I’d leave my two bits about my perspective as far as consciousness goes.

    As far as creativity is concerned, that is simply expressing ones self in a way that feels meaningful or gives others pleasure euphorically, physically or mentally. There are many different ways one can be creative, whether its through thought, art, poetry, or any number of brands of expression.


    1. Shaman Video

      The video we saw in class was very awe inspiring to say the least. LSD is a very intriguing subject, especially how it can sort of unlock some peoples’ inner genius and even led to that man winning a Nobel peace prize. It is said that the drug can make the user experience an enlightenment or epiphany, similar to the nirvana that is the ultimate goal for those who practice buddhism. That is not the only case of LSD being attributed to success, as Steve Jobs of Apple attributed his major success to experimenting with the drug as well.

      The first thing I found amazing about the video is how unlikely it was for the natives to have found a perfect concoction of the different types of plant matter to recreate a DMT-like experience used for communicating with spirits/healing. It makes you wonder what undiscovered healing medicine exists in the wild that just has not been experimented with. Instead, these native Indians discovered the ritualistic medicine through centuries of trial and error to make the perfect mixture to aid in their shamanistic rituals. It is an alternative to modern medicine that is not addictive, but still lowers pain and releases euphoria.

      The most interesting things I found in the video were how the DMT trip or experience that the shamans underwent caused thoughts and bodily functions to separate, where the body would want something but the mind would want the opposite, and how calling to the spirits was considered dangerous, but was also very tempting at the same time. Also the dissension into ones body all the way down to the DNA and tiny molecules was remarkable, and it shows how advanced the mind is that it can cause this sort of reaction when given such a profound trip that the chacruva plant offers.


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